Oz has been great!

What a refreshing change from coral reefs, boats and no pies!! I have embraced the crowds and got on with it in Oz. Got everything I came here for and more.
Perfect shories, Superbanks, sand bottom points, BBQ`s , Pies , good wine, beer , pies, beach days, pies, family and pies!
Here`s a few images of my stay so far..
ballina pitc cc

ballina pitc

ballina standik

ballina t p s

ballina v

balloina s


boulders v

bridge and Oprah house c

brikkez c

burleigh early c

burleigh empty c

burleigh empty drain pipe c

dork o d

dundee c

fellas ballinas

festy c

go pro drop c

goldy postcard c

GOPR0422new c

GOPR0424a c

koala c

local 3 new

local some one else d

me n jax cheeeers c

more oysters please c

Oprah again

oysters c

Patron and bloody marrys c

sailors c

stoils shelly beach s c

tequila s

wedge ballina d